ilishuda begins

kalliikak on Aug. 13, 2010

covering a lot of new territory all at once with this project. Illishuda is a collaborative effort, myself and some fellow pizza-smiths. it is intended to be a world building project, covered from every angle. here you will find designs and concept art, articles and narrative stories, and even a comic page here and there, all tailored toward creating a world for use in various projects. we have a lot of plans for this, the first of which is simply to put ourselves on a schedule, so that we don't piddle about too much in the creation process. the plan is to update at least once a week with something, either art or a story, until we feel we have enough content to move forward with the next phases.

note, this is my first time designing a webpage layout, so i'll be tweaking it for a while… the menu buttons don't do anything yet either, but they will over the next few days.