Rewards fit for a king.

frozen flame on Oct. 27, 2007

Excuse me sir, there seems to be some MS paint in my soup.

Sorry about the i9ncredible lateness, and the lack of comic last week (and possibly the week before). last week it simply slipped my mind and this week I've been sorta busy. Although not busy enough to stop me making most of the comic.

You see in the last few comics I've been using some rather ugly looking tablet drawn speech bubbles, so this week I thought I would experiment with trying to make them in photoshop. I found severall tutorials but alot of them were using features that seemed to work differently in my version of photoshop. for those, like myself using photosop CS heres my walkthrough: 1) Use the elipse tool to make the basic circle for the bubble, 2) Use the pen tool to add the lines, 3) Screw around with filters for the best part of an hour, 4) Give up and use MS paint to add the bubbles.

Hopefully next week this wont be so late and I'll be able to get someone how to show me how to do this a lil' better. I'll probably also redo the bubbles on this one too, jus' cos they're kinda not good looking.