Season 2.1.13

LanceDanger on Jan. 11, 2007

And yet another bonus update!!! Woo-woo! And Thursday will update as usual! Hotcha!! About this season opener, I used magik markers, crayon, colored pencils, pens, a whole bunch of stuff that are more “traditional”. Mainly because I don't want to rely always on the pc to do coloring and such, and I just love to experiment with different mediums anyway. This one probably didn't make much sense, but it really wasn't supposed to anyway, I guess lol XD
Frail: Lol, thx! Actually, he didn't “meow” like other cats, he kinda… “mewled”, it was quite funny lol, God, I loved that cat! =3; Freakeh: Awww, *huggles* thank you! I'm all red in the face now lol! Anywho, hope you like this season!