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Super Size Newspost

Black_Kitty at 12:19AM, Aug. 10, 2006

Hey guys~ New day, new newspost! First the DrunkDuck stuff:

FIGHTSPLOSION! Sign-ups are to start either tomorrow or Saturday. So if you're looking to kick some comic butt (or participate in other ways), check it out!

I know I mentioned it in the last post but good news is always worth repeating. DrunkDuck Fusion 13 is complete! Signup for Fusion 14 will happen as soon as tyrapendragon is back from a well deserved vacation.

Current comic up for review is Current comic up for review is Dog's Eye View! I remember Dog's Eye View being on DrunkDuck a long time ago and it's awesome to see it on the Duck again. :D While I'm at it have you read Bad Blood, another comic that was around in the early days of the Duck? And Basketcase too!

On a sad note, The Quack has died. :( Thanks a lot to Eleika and to all the contributors who helped out with it.

Remember if you want to submit news about your comic, send them to either me or Skoolmunkee. I also do a recording every week of DrunkDuck news for The Gigcast so whatever I find, I mention.

Speaking of The Gigcast, it's reaching its one year anniversary in two weeks! The Gigcast is a very well done podcast and the gang at NightGig have done an excellent job with it.

If you haven't heard any of The Gigcast's interviews before, I highly, HIGHLY recommend the interview they recently did with Lea Hernandez which focused not only on The Nan Grant but also the state of women in the business world of comics as well as her own experiences. I had a great time listening to it and found it quite informative.

Speaking of The Nan Grant…if you're a woman webcartoonist, I would highly recommend checking it out. Here's a quote of what The Nan Grant is:

In order to foster women publishing independently, with economy, and as owners of what they create, I will award FOUR grants annually, of a year's free hosting at, to women making a regularly-updating new or existing webcomic of any genre or style.

The recipients will have unlimited data storage and bandwidth, the ability to choose to support their work with ads, and a storefront for selling merchandise.

Submissions is open (actually it has been open for a while) and the deadline is September 1st. Click on the link above for more information.

Speaking of women and comics, MadScott pointed out to me a pretty cool site. Check out, a really cool and spirited site about females in mainstream comics!

Finally, Jason Salsbury who is the writer of The Pet Professional is looking for an artist to start a whole new comic with. E-mail him if you're interested!

And that's it for me. :)



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