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News doots

skoolmunkee at 11:39PM, Aug. 17, 2006

Announcements! Do-do-dooot do-do-doo-do doo doot (they are news music noises get it?)

magickmaker's comic magick has reached 100 pages today, which coincidentally is also his birthday! So happy sort of double birthday!

renvan63 has this to say:

"I'm having a small contest for my comic, Caves and Critters - one that'll actually effect the comic directly, since it's a contest to re-design Kharma, one of the main characters, and make him look less generic and more like a unique character who doesn't scream “Final Fantasy Reject” XD The contest is open to any and all and has very few restrictions (all 4 of which are mentioned on the forum post linked above and in my comic's latest page's author-notes) and the final design may well end up an amalgamation of several seperate ones - and be the permanent design for Kharma from there on out. :) So the more the better."

Well, get to it. T_T

In other news, Halo 2 1/2 has a new author - Blitz the Hedgehog is taking over for HypnotikNinja2.

Lastly, just in case anyone's forgotten, Drunk Duck has moved to a new server so there's a slight chance of small random things going awry (like if your ISP hasn't updated its DNS thingies, or thingies go all thingy, or if the thingy is like what).

Black Kitty sneaks in with some news:

Psst! Spambot has informed me that Here There Be Robots has just finished its second issue! And they're still taking fanart and letters to the editor for their print edition of HTBR! So if you're interested in being published or got some cool stuff for Spambot, contact him! :D



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