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News a-hoy!

Black_Kitty at 11:20PM, Dec. 3, 2006

Got a lot of announcements on my hands and this be the day to announce it! I do apologize if I didn't respond to you. There was just a lot of PQs and since I'm getting really close to Christmas break, my courses have become more demanding.

I also goofed up on IFBIT's link last time. ._. Sorry Enef!

To start things off, Manio of Sprite Channel wanted to let everyone know that he'll be having a session where the spriters of DD can send him fanmail and he'll depict himself in a strip reading and (I guess) responding.

Remember Star Crossed Destiny? Well I do! Awesome comic. :D And as you can see, it's back on DD! Not only that but it's starting completely over and improved! Juno would also like to tell everyone she has released a print version that contains 30 deleted scenes! I also saw something about a Juno action figure prototype? O.o

Speaking of people who have once been on DrunkDuck…Kota would just like everyone to know that The Errant Apprentice is starting its second issue! Kota is the genius behind Kota's World which has been on DD for quite a while. :)

Carrollhach just wants everyone to know that the current arc for Clench and Cheese is now over! Look for a narrative today!

He's also posting a short run comic called Voice of Reason!

Ninja Day is coming! D:

Mcman would just like everyone to know that his comic The Adventures of Mask Cape Man is coming out of hiatus in a few days!


MOSH has run pass its 100th milestone! In fact, jgesq is posting somewhere around the 120s!

The Chelation Kid has also passed its 100th milestone!

Meanwhile, Megaman X Cross Wars has reached its 150th strip!

Feeling Rushed is feeling the 50th milestone! There's even a contest to go with it! :D Go check out his comic for more details.

50th milestone is also where it's at over at the cute comic, The NEW Life of TimmY! There's also a countdown to Christmas!

Last but certainly not least, Dribble For Kids has passed its 200th page mark! YAY! Congrats to everyone on their milestones. :D Hope to see many more to come!

Again if you have news you want on the newspost, please feel free to PQ any of the admins. Please give us a few days' notice however as we tend to like putting a couple of days inbetween posts so that the news could sit around and get some attention.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. O.o

[Edit: This just in! Saliamh has hits its 50th page! :D Congrats!

Also, Knuckles' longest running comic Never Fade Away is starting chapter 3! Go check it out! :)]



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