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Happy Holidays Y'all

skoolmunkee at 7:22AM, Dec. 24, 2006

There are some Christmas presents in this newsposts for you, if you like special comic news! Otherwise you get only coal. So choose wisely!

MagickLorelai would like everyone to know that she is holding a fanart/fancomic contest for her comic Ialus - her favorite ten entries will be featured on the page, and all other fanart will be go to a designated fanart page for display too! There are more details on the comic page so check it out!

teasan's announcing that starting on Christmas day, Gunnerkrigg Court will be updating 3x a week (M-W-F), which is good news for all the people who were gnashing their teeth at 2x weekly updates and wanted more. Don't say he never did nothin fer ya.

shaneronzio who does Cats and Icecream would like everyone to know that he's wrapping the story up, and it should weigh in at about 100 pages. So congrats!

The much loved No Need for Bushido will reach page 200 on December 25th. Isn't that a nice Christmas present? Happy 200th comic!

A quick message for akakios3, to whom I can't send PQ's for some reason: I can't tell which comic I'm supposed to be announcing, none of them are near 200 pages. :)



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