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Newspost with six announcements

skoolmunkee at 2:42AM, July 6, 2006

Hello and welcome back to the Internet, everyone! I knew you couldn't stay away.

I shall make these short because, although I am at home, I am supposed to work from home, so really I should be doing work (at home) and not playing on the Internet. :(

Announcement the first

Remember I mentioned that people wanted to put together some Drunk Duck Awards? Well, In the forums we've been asking ‘who wants to help organize this thing?’ and since I'm going to shut the door on that soon (so the resulting organizers can get organizing) I thought I should post something here so that people who might want to help but don't come by the forums often can volunteer if they want. You can do so in this thread.

Announcement the second

You all remember The Quack, yes? Well, DD's e-zine has moved to a weekly format where new content is posted each week! No longer must you wait 4 weeks to read new stuff - does that make it a 400% improvement or what? Help me here, I'm not sure how the math goes.

Announcement the third

Yurka_the_Pure would like to find a co-author for his comic Shadow Remade. Also, the co-author can be a character in the comic if they want to make the graphics for that character (a guidesheet can be found in the comic or by contacting Yurka). :)

Announcement the fourth

Korosu's comic Chimera is 3 years old on July 7th! I know some people who aren't even that old.

Announcements the fifth and sixth
The comic 3rd Period Lunch will be posting its last on Friday, and Brood Knight (Shattered Hate) has ended its run of over 3 years. :( Let's hope the authors keep making other comics!



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