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I make one newspost a week on average and here it is!

skoolmunkee at 1:41AM, July 15, 2006

Hello and welcome on the Drunk Duck Tour Bus, I'm your guide skoolmunkee.

The first stop on our tour is Get Well Vaati, a comic account created to post the get well messages for DDer Vaati, who was badly hurt in a recent car accident. If you'd like to know more or send a message yourself, there's a forum thread you should visit.

Next we visit Giandroid's Divisible by Zero, of which the sub-comic the Political Spectrum Ninja Association has been selected as a semi-finalist for the Comic Book Challenge! This is a chance for him to get his comic commercially published (and possibly made into a TV show), and he says thank you to his nice fans, Drunk Duck, and to Volte for making the announcement. :) Since the comic book ideas are pitched on NBC (the viewers then get to vote on the website for which one they like best), he has to travel physically to San Diego, which I'll tell you can be pretty expensive. In light of that he is gratefully accepting any donations toward his travel expenses, which you can make from his main page.

The third stop on our tour is subcultured's tutorials pages, where he's just posted a tutorial about working with screentones. Those people interested in duplicating a manga look may want to check it out!

Over that way you can see an upcoming independent comics festival. (Some of you may have to squint, it's in Pennsylvania.) It's on August 5th, but you should visit the above link for more information and let them know if you want to participate.

Our last stop is the house of Dennis Franz, and I'll have to warn children, pregnant women, and people with a heart condition to close their eyes- sometimes he invites Danny Devito over and they caper in the lawn sprinkler in the nude. We think he does this to get us to stop including his house on the tour, but we'll show him!



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