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Another day, another dollar

skoolmunkee at 11:34AM, June 12, 2006

The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards finalists have been announced in their forum so take a few minutes to head over and check the list out! I'm a bit fuzzy on the rules, but I think if you are a writer/artist of a webcomic you can register to vote for the winners, so you may want to get on that too (although voting hasn't begun yet).

Drunk Duck comic Talisman: Return of the Exile is a finalist in the Outstanding Fantasy Comic category! Gunnerkrigg Court is a finalist in FOUR categories: Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Use of Color, Outstanding Long Form Comic, and Outstanding Story Concept. Way to go! Gunnerkrigg Court was also praised by Neil Gaiman in his blog yesterday, which is nothing to sneeze at- here's to hoping GC is on its way to the big time. :)

I didn't recognize any other current DD comics on the finalist list (only some past DD comics like Alpha Shade) so please let me know if there is a DD comic there and I will add it to the announcement!

DD Community News
I hope y'all haven't forgotten about the Batman Collaboration comic (and its thread in the forum) - but maybe you have, because they could use a few more people joining up since it's been a bit slow lately. Come on, it's BATMAN!

Whirlwynd is starting a radio play of her comic 20 Galaxies and is holding auditions. Doesn't everyone want to be on the radio? More details can be found in this forum thread. Come on, it's a RADIO PLAY!



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