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Like the Juggernaut, the news keeps on coming

skoolmunkee at 4:01AM, June 23, 2006

Comic Announcements!

Yami No Tainai is 600 comics old! Holy cow that's a big number!

Rick and Daphne (comic is Adult/18+) is undergoing a “remake” phase where Akakios is going to redo (or something) the first 43 pages of his comic!

Revenger's Tradgedy has finished its first chapter and so I think that deserves some attention, don't you?

Aussie Kid's Enter the Duck will post its final comic on June 30th… so have a look before it's too late or something!

It's a holiday!

This Saturday is going to be Everyone Deserves Presents Day! (However, skoolmunkee thinks that Saturday is kinda short notice so she's making it “Everyone Deserves Presents Week” because Gregory said she could.) Pick up your pen, open up your Photoshop (or MS Paint in my case), and draw something for all those people you love, like, can stand, or hate. Because, honestly, everyone loves presents, and everyone deserves them. Send your guest comics or fan art to everyone you can. (Even if it's just something little!) And if you get a present from someone, send one back. Don't blame me, Jenshin (and Gregory) said so.

Community Stuff!

It looks like people want to have some Drunk Duck Awards (Hmm, “The Drunkies”?) So, PhatScurl has volunteered to try and get things started. Visit the Drunk Duck Awards forum for all DD Awards related stuff!

Le Farce is running a guest comic contest, wherein Jordan will accept any guest comics for his series… but only one will win the chance to view the Le Farce movie before anyone else!

The Weekly Writer's Challenge could really use some more writers!

The current comic up for review is the toyous Robot Chuck!

And, to make sure Volte's announcement stays on the main page:
Dear Drunk Duck comics’ creators,

My friends at Platinum Studios are holding a very cool contest for best new comic. The winner not only gets to have their comic published in print, but also possibly developed into a movie or TV show!

You submit your idea and some art at

Semi-finalists will pitch in person to a panel of judges down in San Diego at the same time as Comic Con is going on. Judges include the legendary Mark Silvestri (Founder and CEO of Top Cow Comics), Gail Ann Hurd (producer of over 25 movies including “The Terminator” movies and “Armageddon”), and Scott Rosenberg (Chairman of Platinum Studios, guy who discovered and developed Men In Black). The judges will pick three finalists, who will each pitch their comic on NBC and the public will choose the winner by voting for them on the web site.

It’s not often that I see a comics contest like this and open to the web comics community. We have lots of great stuff on Drunk Duck, thought some of you may want to try your chance going big time!


The Drunk Duck team

P.S. There will be some other very interesting and positive events for the web comics’ community coming from Platinum Studios over the summer. Keep an eye out.



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