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What, Monday AGAIN?

skoolmunkee at 4:18AM, May 8, 2006

nsom at New Secret of Mana has found his life too busy and turbulent at the moment to update his comic as regularly as he wants. Therefore he is (very nicely) requesting guest comics, be they drawn, sprite, etc, so long as they have to do with The Secret of Mana somehow. There is a forum thread with more details and where you can find out his contact info. He would appreciate it. :)

Also, Shyguy Rising has very nicely told me that Ukeke and Shyguy's Adventures and Stuff will be reaching it's 50th comic pretty soon. He'll be accepting fan comics, art, and such up until it's arrival, set for around mid-May. This makes it sound like he will be posting them as part of the party, correct me if I'm wrong though!

Michael Wszelaki (Frogman) of Ultimate X would like to let everyone know that his comic is turning 1 year old on May 11th! When I check his site he says that he has something special planned as well. He's also just recently posted his 50th comic. All in all, worth stopping by!



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