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The news don't stop

skoolmunkee at 3:09AM, May 11, 2006

LowResAtari needs people to comment and/or e-mail him for suggestions on his 200th comic. (Mixed Bag Comics) More explanation here: forum thread!

It's pretty much a flash video compilation of stuff that people want to see animated, which will be complete with voices. Sounds fancy! Also he says “please” so that seems like a pretty good reason to help him out!

misterpopculture of Celebrity Stalker would like folks to know that he just finished the first story arc in his usually-self-contained strip. (It can be a big step to move from one-shots to continuing stories, you know.)

Commander Chaos of Bowser's Plan B, an apparently popular sprite comic, is going on hiatus for three weeks. Therefore, he needs three guest strips to cover his abscence, so please PM all contributions to Commander Chaos on the forum. :)

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The news doesn't stop indeed.

Rick and Daphne is celebrating its 100th comic on May 14th! While Luciefer just hit its 50th strip!



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