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Milestones and other news of talented people! :)

Black_Kitty at 8:45PM, Nov. 29, 2006

Hey everybody!

Did you know that tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this) Cowboys and Aliens hits their 50th page? Congrats you guys! :D

Enef's comic IFBIT hits its 50th page too! He also wanted to thank everyone on the site and those who visit his comic.

But yeah, hits 50 strips on monday morning, i would love if you could make an announcement about it in a newspost or something, i started here on drunkduck a year? year and a half? ago and it's because of this place i am still drawing and comicing today, so thanks to everyone at Drunkduck (Especially the older members (you know who you are)) and thanks to anyone who has ever checked out the comic.

Awww! :D

Mixed Bag Comics is celebrating its one year anniversary! To celebrate LowResAtari is uploading Flash shorts all this week!

I was also told that Tantz Aerine of Wolf and In Session has just recently had a fantasy trilogy published! :D Congratulations! It's called “The Art of Veiling” and you can find out more about her publication here!

Kira Dwenna would just like to tell everyone about the Chthulu Coloring Contest over at her comic Under CONstruction! The page to be coloured is here and the deadline is December 10th. For more information, head on over to her comic and read about the finer details! :)

Don't forget about the latest Gigcast! This week they interviewed Dave Kellett of Sheldon!

And just another gentle reminder everyone! If you have news or announcements you want made, just send a PQ to one of us admins. But don't send it to Skoolmunkee as she is on vacation until the 5th.

[Edit: I just want to say that if you sent me a PQ, I got it. In fact, I got a lot (everytime I logged in during breaks inbetween classes I would get a few) and seriously I'm thrilled that everyone's sending in their announcements to me because that means I can record stuff for the next Gigcast. :D YAY! I love you all!

But I just want to let everyone know that. The next newspost will probably come up in a few days which will allow this one to sit for a while so that it can get some attention. So if you have news, feel free to send them to me!]



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