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Hot off the press, a bunch of links for you! (10.31)

skoolmunkee at 12:45PM, Oct. 31, 2006

josif's messed up… I mean, josif's comic's messed up… I mean, nothing is messed up, just that josif's comic, it's messed up… anyway, he would like me to announce that his comic is starting “Version 2.0” where the art style has changed majorly (in a positive direction of course) so he's inviting people to come and have a look at his comic, which is messed up, but is much better and refresheneded.

Hie Qualitie Comix (which is more higherer qualityness than it sounds) has begun its sequel and, as Rich tells me, actually has readable text and more cast members. (So, yet another comic with a major improvement!) HQC2 will be in the same location as the original for ease of use, so use the link above!

I've made announcements about some of these before, but there are lots of community things going on in the Networking and Community forum lately, so be sure and have a look- here's just a few of them:

Starving Artists (a community comic for, by, and about artists)
Comic Remix (comic exchange)
RPGination (DnD with drawing, and some role playing-ish)
DD Fusion 15
No-Face Day (convey a story using dialogue and body language, but no faces/expressions)
No-Face Day Sign Ups

There's also interesting stuff in the Art & Literature Corner forum!
Fan Art Thread! (show your fan art)
Halloween Art Thread (share your Halloween art, or look at others!)
For Shame (show your old art!)

Also we've been seeing some basic Homepage help questions again, so don't forget that there's a basic FAQ / How-To to be found!



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