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Are you wearing the Duck yet?

skoolmunkee at 2:49AM, Sept. 2, 2006

This is kind of (really) late, but last Tuesday Shippo_no-Neko's (full color, no less) comic Doodles in Time reached 50 updates and began Act Three! Congrats! Sorry this went up so late, I have no excuse. :(

Black Kitty: Grog also reached 50th strip yesterday!

And look! FREE COMMISSIONS! :D And don't forget DrunkDuck Fusion 14 and Fightsplosion!

Also, will you be at the Baltimore Comic Convention?

On another note, if anyone's having trouble with verification (forum or comic account) please head on over to the Help forum and in particular, read this thread. Then if you are still having trouble, post and we'll help you as quick as we can.



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