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Midnight snack news~

Black_Kitty at 11:13PM, Sept. 15, 2006

Because I am so creative with my post title! :D 8-10 hour school days could do that to you.

Just a few quick news articles! Allyn private messaged me a while back to tell me about a contest for her webcomic Tomb of the King! If you're interested in winning a t-shirt or a nice framed and matted original art AND get some exposure, click on this link!

Contest deadline is October 1st and it's being held in celebration of the final chaper which will occur on October 3rd~

Someone's having their 100th page soon~ Radec is looking for suggestions on what to do to celebrate the milestone. So if you have any suggestions, make them on the thread!

Did you buy stuff from the DD store? If so, show us pictures! :D Support our favorite duck!

Telenarius is a new community drive comic where the dialogue and plot is loosely planned out and artists have a lot of creative freedom to interpret it however they like. Or so that is my impression. Interested? Want to participate? Click here for more information!

Current DrunkDuck comic up for review in the forums is Podunk U!

I think that's all the news I have. Remember, if you have news just private message either me or Skoolmunkee.

Ooh wait! I almost totally forgot! Skyler who does Puppetry was interviewed on The Gigcast with her sister who does The Devil's Panties. Click here to listen to the interview as well as other things like drive bys and webcomic news! :)



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