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'Til True! Uber Announcement Here!

carly_mizzou at 12:10PM, April 5, 2007

We all know that Wizard World LA rocked the house, everyone had a great time.
*sigh* Remember the artist jam, Andy’s funny hats, Civil War (ceiling cat?), the creepy (but mostly nekkid) booth girl, and the giant mutant city crushing sandwiches?

You don’t?! You weren’t there because you live in (insert remote and/or lame city here).


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could take that show on the road so even MORE Drunk Duck web comic artists could hang out in happy convention land?
Well with a little tap of the ole’ magic wand….

Platinum Studios WILL be having Drunk Duck Alleys at the remaining 3 Wizard World Events this year:

Philadelphia: June 15-17
Chicago: August 9-12
Texas: November 2-4

We are still in the preliminary stages of planning, but we are looking to make these events even better than the LA event. Sign up information and events schedule will be available SOON (I promise)



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