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skoolmunkee at 10:53AM, April 27, 2007

Okay guys, maybe you haven't noticed but there are some awesome new features all having to do with user profiles! Just click on someone's username and you will see…

Of course this means a couple of bugs have popped up. It might take a few days to fix them. If something isn't working properly, please stop by the Help! forum to let us know (make sure someone hasn't already made a thread about it though - repeat threads are way lame man!)

Big ol' announcement from America Jr! Man, these guys do all kinds of cool stuff!


It’s not a real country, but then, he’s not a real politician! Veteran actor Gregory Itzin, who portrayed President Logan on the hit FOX television series 24 has written the Introduction to “America Jr.”, the first paperback collection of the popular online comic strip.

America Jr. follows a tiny town that discovers it is no longer a part of the United States, and chronicles the citizens’ hilarious misadventures while attempting to emulate the U.S. government.

“We’re thrilled to have Gregory involved!” beams co-creator Todd Livingston. “He’s the ideal choice to write the book’s introduction…other than, you know, the actual President. Plus, not only was he on 24, but Firefly and three different Star Trek series, so working with him totally satisfies my inner-geek.”

No strangers to sci-fi, Livingston and co-creator Nick Capetanakis were the creative force behind the indie supernatural comedy film So, You’ve Downloaded A Demon which features Xenia Seeberg of Lexx. Livingston also co-authored the award-winning Image Comics graphic novels The Black Forest & The Black Forest 2 - also The Wicked West, The Wicked West 2 and The Living and the Dead.

“As a huge fan of 24, I'm beyond excited to have Gregory Itzin on board,” Capetanakis adds. “Our pretend country - their pretend President - it's like a match made in heaven, but available at a store near you.”

America Jr. collects the first 150 strips of the daily satirical comic, which is brilliantly illustrated by Brendon Fraim and Brian Fraim (“Antiques – the Comic Strip,” “Knights of the Dinner Table”) and includes pin-ups by special guest artists and exclusive strips not presented online.

America Jr. is published by Image Comics with a release date of July 18, 2007 and is currently available for pre-order at your favorite retailer.

A whole load of milestones and things, listed in order received because I am kinda lazy!

magickmaker's Magick? has reached 100,000 hits! That's probably the first time someone's gotten in a newspost for page hits, but why not eh? One hundred thousand is a pretty big number!

kaminari's Narou has just started Chapter 2 at about 30 pages! (Plus bonus stuff!)

RyuuKen wanted to announce that his comic Dream Chronicles is ending at a huge 170 pages! (Does that get an exclamation point? That kind of makes it look like I'm excited about a comic ending…)

JillyFoo's Demon Eater is going to be 100 pages old on Tuesday! (It's also up next for a Comic Review…)

Also on Tuesday, the_poet's Grounded Angel is reaching 150 pages!

LilyRose, who may or may not be a fan of flowers, is posting the 100th page of her comic Too Bitter for Words today! She's also in the middle of a special superhero comic (origin issue)!

spaceyoshix told me that Megaman EXE is going to be 200 pages on Sunday! (And that he's posting something “way better than a comic on that day as thanks for 200 strips worth of fan support and the many 5's!” :)

Skilledfingerz wanted me to announce that his updates on the three Dark Worlds comics are juggling around a bit, and that updates on Dark Worlds Trilogy are paused while DW1: Puma's Path and (following that) DW2: Ifinite Darkness are being updated. Trilogy will come back once the others are caught up. Not really a normal announcement, but it seems a lot of people are still going to Trilogy askin' “where's the updates man???” and it's like, “you are going to the wrong pages, DUDES!” So. Maybe this will help.

silentkitty's awesome Purgatory Tower has just finished Chapter 1, at 28 pages! Congrats! (You know you sent that PQ right under the wire too, haha.)

Edit! I am adding some stuff that Black_Kitty sent me!

The gigcast recently did an interview with MrRiot! It's quite interesting and amusing. :D

Kota would like to say that this week is his 7th Anniversary in webcomics! “Kota's World may be over but I'm not done yet!” Seven years is a long time to do webcomics, although come to think of it, 2000 doesn't seem so long ago… weird eh? (Kota does the previously-featured Errant Apprentice)

For Drunkduckers that are also on Gaia Online:
Gaia Comic Awards 2007 Hosted by Vergessen Held
A contest only on Gaia for the best comics of 2007.
Not only prizes for winners, but also all entrants recieve a critique of their comic, but for those intent on prizes the “'Best of Show' prize consists of 50,000 Gaia Gold, two donation items, and free advertising on Gaia, deviantART, and my signature (along with a couple of people who have volunteered their own sigs) for a year.” (There are other prizes too…)

MagickLorelai says that her comic Elementary Aspects is 100 pages old!

legendkiller13 (there are 12 others?) wants everyone to know that Brokk Bloodaxe and the Hellsword is “finally” more than 25 pages old!



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