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Too much news! Must... post... faster!

skoolmunkee at 2:53PM, Aug. 6, 2007

Guess who has a book out? Why, eyesoftheblackk's Biginbopper the Junior Mint of course! You can order the book at Lulu!

LowResAtari's milestone gets to come first because I say so! Mixed Bags Comics is 600 and as a special update, LowResAtari did a Flash poetry reading. :3 Jump to the specific page in his archive!

Rick xeros's comic Digimon Legend is 1 year old!

Also 1 year old is Everybody Hates Herb by Conned!

Another 25-er is seanh with Fantasy Filmmaking 101 - also he says he is loving life at DD, so I'm happy for him. :)

At both 1 year and 25 pages old, DancingChaos's Black Streaks!

And in this corner we have RabbitMaster's Kung-Fu Rabbit at 25 pages old!

Chickenboy by dragonworks2050 is officially 50 pages old!

JustNoPoint's The Devon Legacy Prologue is 75 pages old, and coincidentally is also done with issue 1!

Joff says that Life & Death (the comic, not the cycle) is 400 pages old!

shaneronzio's Cross Worlds Nexxus is also 400!

Two Contests!

oneminutecomics has a design-a-villain contest for the comic Unchained! Not only does the top baddie design get used in the comic, but the winner gets a signed Unchained book! Details within!

Ipokino has something to announce for Robot Wars!

Robot Wars has hit the 100 page milestone and is beginning Issue 5! Also, since I would like to include a ‘Letters Page’ to back each issue on the CD Release, I need some letters. In return, I will send a free, signed CD of the first five issues compiled, to the first fifty letter contributors–even if you hate the comic!!! So PQ me and get a free CD of Robot Wars! Its all good!



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