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Okay here's the last of it... FOR NOW

skoolmunkee at 11:22AM, Aug. 19, 2007

I'm gonna make this quick because I have a Comic Remix to color! (They're due Monday, how much you want to bet the results will start being posted this week?)

Speaking of community stuff, DD Draw-Off Part 5 has started! Are you up to the challenge? I am horribly late with this announcement because I didn't check when the drawings are due- so please note, drawings are due on the 25th!

Dumok's A Call To Destiny's second book is now available on Lulu!

Other notable news of note, MrRiot's The Path is both 100 pages and 1 year old! To celebrate, he's holding a fan art contest with original pages from the comic as the prize!

He also wanted to add that Weapon X is 25. :)

More Milestones!

Frank Baron, NSO is now 25 pages old!

The Zoo at Home is 50!

Blackmoon's Sword of Heaven is also 50 pages old!

Philly by Ryan McLelland turns 50 on Tuesday! (Wow, one of these announcements isn't late! Awesome! Sorry to all the rest of you guys…)

Taking Stock is 100 pages old!

Neilsama's Dasien has also hit the 100-page mark! (It has a girl in a skintight outfit in it! You know you want to look…)

Also recently past 100 pages is Gibson Twist's Pictures of You, which coincidentally has just finished Book One, and that Book Two will begin being posted in mid-autumn!

Crazy Duck is 150 strips!

And a final congrats to phantomlady4, whose What You Don't See is 300 strips old!



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