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Congrat- ulations Nick and Amelius!

skoolmunkee at 11:09AM, Aug. 23, 2007

Drunk Ducker Evil Emperor Nick has been “secretly dating” Amelius for over a year now, and he proposed to her at Wizard World Chicago… she said yes! So congratulations to the happy couple! Maybe they will release ducks at their wedding? And then the ducks would like, land and waddle around, because ducks are lazy.

RabbitMaster is having a contest!

I'm hosting my first ever fan art competition! People can PQ me for details, but basically they do their renderings of Kung Fu Rabbit and I pick one. All the entries get posted at the end of the current chapter (12 pages or so from now) but the winner gets either some original KFR board ar, or I'll do something original for them!

kingofsnake says Comic Remixes will be posted on Tuesday August 28th! (Hey you, pay attention! Yes I'm talking to you!)


Ever Hollow by Wazaga has reached 25 lovely pages! I'm glad to see this one updating again. :)

The comic KISS 4K has reached page 50 (page 59 including the sneak peeks and extras) so why don't you stop by and say congrats?

oachambers's comic World of Orenda, which is ‘a fantasy story in the tradition of George RR Martin’s Songs of Fire and Ice', is turning 50! Give it a try won't you?

EvilJared's Coalition of the Reluctant has reached a (somewhat belated) 75 pages!

Janen's Distant Embrace has just been updated with its 100th page!

Also at 100 pages is Tales of Tritoria: Youngbloods (You know, the one we featured) by treebobber!

PeiPei says The Faction is 200 pages old! Woohoo!



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