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News, glorious news, makes everything scrumptious

skoolmunkee at 8:13AM, Aug. 27, 2007

New Creator Interview is up! It's with Allan, of Allan!

Do you have any future plans for the comic or are you just going to take them as they come?
Since it's based on day-to-day activities I can't really predict what will be happening. In the future I do want to do maybe a week-long back-story of my parents, seeing as how I've never even showed them in the strip, but other than that I've just got to take what I get.
Read the rest in the forum!

Hey all! Did you know that Drunk Duck Fusion 18 is done and posted, and that signups for Fusion 19 are still open? They would love to have a few more people! (Check out the results of 18 while you're at it!)

User chris chris says that he's having a contest for his comic, Boogey Dancing: Monkey Pot! (eh?) And I quote: “It has great themes, and great prizes with a free gift at submitting!” What's that you say, you would like some more info?

Reinderdijkhuis (reindeer whatnow?) is announcing that Rogues of Clqyd-Rhan has reached 25 updates, and will be updating daily for the foreseeable future!

On August 28th, Creepy Carly will be one creepy year old!

At 25 pages we have Awesome Tournament by I like zelda!

Lost Chapters of Megaman is 50 pages old! Congrats!

JillyFoo's lovely Demon Eater has reached 150 pages!

Also at 150 pages is scarybug's Nerdcore: The Core Wars!



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