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I get to go to Ikea today!

skoolmunkee at 1:28AM, Aug. 30, 2007

Also, ARGH how is it almost September ALREADY? What have I done with my year? ;_;


Comic Remix 3.0 results are in! There's a ton of them guys, and they're all awesome! Visit the page to see how Drunk Duckers have interpreted each others' comics, and then visit the forum to talk and vote about your favorites!

America, Jr is turning 300 strips old on Friday (not counting weekend pinups)! Congrats! Also, the first paperback collection has been published by Image Comics and is available in comic shops, bookstores, and! Go get you some, it's a great comic!

Also turning 300 is Children at Play, which is done by kingofsnake, who has worked so hard on the Comic Remix projects!

Another of kingofsnake's projects, Modern Day Witchdoctor, will soon be 75, and kingofsnake has professed interest in seeing other people draw their characters in the MDW style… he has even posted a how to! (Hint, hint!) Go on, challenge yourself :)

MOrgan, DD's favorite adult-content artist, tells me that M.Organ Art is 300 strips old!

Really guys, 300 comics is awesome :D

A bunch of comics are hitting 50 pages, so here they are in no particular order:

floodgatemartyr's Dreaded Eater! (Reminds me of the rednecks at the buffet…) There's a special double-length page you know!

Life Under the Top Hat (there's an interesting name) by TheTopHat!

Hikari! bu kingv is also 50 pages old! As the Danes (might) say, Hoorj!

roastytoasty accidentally overlooked the 50th comic of roastytoasty and so here I am announcing its 51st comic! :)

I told you there were a lot.

At 100 pages is WeirdStar by omega5ooo, a comic which looks very cute!

Confetti Surprise: Volume 1 by Crispiest Fortune (I've never heard a fortune described that way…) is also 100!

junoblairb's brain might be mush, but she remembered that her comic Star Crossed Destiny just hit 150 pages! :D



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