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Would you rather ride on a train, dance in the rain, or feel no pain? (Oh and here's some news)

Black_Kitty at 11:51PM, Jan. 15, 2007

Firstly, Skoolmunkee is asking that anyone who has sent in news within the last week to please send it to her again.

Edit from skoolmunkee with some recovered news!
carrollhach would like people to know:

Clench and Cheese is going to hit 100 next week and I'm going to have a special custom t-shirt giveaway to celebrate it. There will be a C&C trivia contest that will be posted Saturday.

Also, you should all keep a look out on YouTube nearer the end of the week for some more Clench and Cheese stuff…

Also, FantastiTeam is now 50 pages old! Congratulations!

Xela267 tells me that his comic Bad Grafix is both 50 pages old, and is also starting chapter 2! Keep it up! :D

Now we return to your regularly scheduled news…

A few days ago, I got a PQ from Robert Tinnell who does The Chelation Kid. He wanted to let me know that you can now get a Chelation Kid t-shirt over at the National Autism Association! All proceeds go towards funding autism research so you can rest assure that while you're looking good in a Chelation Kid t-shirt, you're also contributing to a good cause!

He actually gave me a press release which contains all sorts of useful information. However, it's a bit long so I can't really cut and paste it here. However, you can read it in his author's notes over here. And if you haven't read The Chelation Kid yet, you are missing out on a great webcomic.

Tyrapendragon would just like everyone to know that Fusion 15 is now up! Go check it out! :D

RPG Rediculopathy is holding a character contest! More details at his comic! :)

Ian Jay's Try Everything Once turns two years old today! :D Congrats! He's also holding a contest in anticipation of his 100th page milestone!

Anyways, my webcomic Try Everything Once is turning two years old on the sixteenth of next month, and its page count has very nearly reached the realm of the triple digits. Therefore, I am holding a TEO Two Years And (almost) One Hundred Pages Super Xtreme Guest Comic Partyganzabration And Square Dancin' Hootenanny (basically a week of guest comics and stuff) that all readers can submit material for. The deadline is February 14– two days before the thing kicks off.

Unofficial DD IRC chat room? :O

I don't know if everybody contacted Dragonlova already but if you haven't and you're interested in getting a free booth to promote your stuff at Wizard World this year, you need to do so! Check out this thread and if you need to, hook up with people regarding hotel rooms and such. :)

Edit: Tommie Kelly would just like everyone to know that his comic THE END has hit its 25th page today! Which, from what I can tell, is a beginning of a new chapter!



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