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Is it just me or is the new year full of news so far?

skoolmunkee at 9:19AM, Jan. 19, 2007

Apologies for any broken links, I'll fix them when I get back tonight, got an appointment just now but I wanted to get these announcements out. :)

In no particular order!

roguey's Breeding Ground is one year old on the 29th!

Mark's Random Idiocity is 30 pages old on Friday - I say 30 because he skipped a 25-congrats so he could co-announce that he's also finished the first story arc!

Abby Greenwald (whose 64 Demons and Dominion you may remember) announces that LCX is 50 pages old!

Magical Misfits is one year old, and apparently there is cake in the game room! (My note, 1 year for Magical Misfits means 365 comics - amazing!)

simonitro's Billy Learns To Rock has surpassed 150 pages (past 160 really) and 7 issues!

SirIssac's Random Ramblings is also 50 pages old! In celebration they would love any guest comics as well!

fern's BFF has reached 50 pages! Congrats to all these folks who have kept up on their comics, it really is saying something when you can point at an archive of comics and say “I did that!” :)

The ubiquitous WingNut would like to say,

'Ello, more recovered news for ye!

Wanted to tell you that I and Tantz Aerine and I are making a fight-splosion pre fight before the officail round begins, kind of a fightsplosion publicity stunt. The official thread is viewable here.

kitsunekage also has a cool announcement relating to Wizard World!
I am making a DVD to sell as a fundraiser. So far I have a bunch of comics and a music video. I would to add some fanart or a couple strips from other people.

The money from the DVD will go toward supplies for my time at WizardWorld, such as a video tapes for a video about the trip, which will be realeased on YouTube.

I know everyone going is probably going to make a photo journal but I want to offer something different.

There is a thread about this in the forums.



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