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Here I am with some very late news!

skoolmunkee at 12:18PM, July 11, 2007

It's late because I've been sooooo laaaaazy this week. It's been nice! Fable is a great game! But now, time for news.

Wazaga's Ever Hollow contest has ended and the winners are on her fan art page. View the winners!

Ryan McLelland's Wise Intelligence is 25! (And he says the page rocks!)

JustNoPoint's The Devon Legacy Prologue is both 50 pages old, and finished with isssue 1!

fern's They Are Night Zombies They Are Neighbors They Have Come Back From The Dead Ahhhh (okay take a breath now) is 150!

Doublex776 (does that make him 1552?) has a comic with co-creator Richie named Mech Academy, and his news is that the comic is 100 pages old!

FantastiTeam is 200 pages old! Woo!

Dumok's WarMage (rated A) is 50 pages!

And in very, very late news, news, XeaRi's Tales of Kenah reached 50 pages last week and the 50th page is in color so everyone go have a look!

Also turning 50 and also very late in announcing is that Krensada's Farmillia recently hit 50 pages, and is also starting its 4th issue!



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