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There are not many good titles for a newspost!

skoolmunkee at 6:38AM, June 4, 2007

New Creator Interview!

Hey guys! We had a bit of a break and as great as KC Green's interview was, it's someone else's turn now!

This time we've intervewed tyrapendragon, who not only runs her own comic, but organizes the community project Fusion as well!

Do they usually end up making much sense?

That varies quite a bit. It makes more sense when each artist puts a little something from the previous panel in their own panel. If they go off on a complete tangent it doesn't make as much sense.

We did one Fusion backwards. This actually turned out to make more sense then others because the artists had to imagine what the panel before the one they received would be. We should try it again sometime.
Read the entire interview in the forum!


end_game is having a contest for his comic Driven! The winner gets their designs put into the comic!
1. need 1 boy and 2 girls, and an unlimited supply of monsters
2. colored
3. does not need to be drawn in my style
4. have fun and be ORIGINAL
5. PQ me the picture
6. all drawings due june 9th or any time before

Milestone time!

Eviltwinpixie (not to be confused with the good one) would like to announce that Grog has reached 1,000,000 pageviews! Whoo!

ReincarnatedParano's RAID has reached 50 pages! (A bit beyond that really, better late than never!)

komiqum's Midnight Celebrity Ghosttalk with Jon Bonaparte (how's that for a comic name?) is now 25 pages old! Congrats!

EuniceP's I Come From Mars has surpassed 125 pages!

And this week's award for comic workaholic goes to Aussie_Kid, whose Warriors of the Night hits 100 pages this week, and Golden Gamers reaches 350!


On a related note, the admins decided we aren't going to make newsposts about pageviews anymore- we have no way to verify them so we don't want it to be abused, sorry. :)

We also decided not to count milestones by chapter any more, only number of pages. It's a case of a somewhat unfair advantage for the people who do chapters, they get to make announcements for both chapters and page number milestones, while everyone else just gets the number milestones. This way it's the same for everyone!

We hope you understand. :)

Updated guidelines about submitting a newspost!



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