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skoolmunkee at 1:59PM, June 14, 2007

OK I just have to stop feeling bad for knocking old newsposts off. We just get too many to wait a couple days to make all of em.

Some changes! A couple of little bugs have been fixed, but also, notice how the thumbnails on the ‘Most Read’ lists no longer display the first comic by default! Now they load at random from the top 5 or 10 (I forget which already). Just to liven things up a little.

Also there is an ad here in this column now. It makes me want to be very brief as I imagine it will start smooshing text. Here I go!


Hey you know that Comic Book Challenge thing? Well some of its entrants have posted their submissions in a forum thread! It is a great place to see some talented work, wish some good luck, or even post your own entry!

Tantz Aerine's Wolf is 50 pages old, and to celebrate she's having a competition! “Draw an image with the characters of Wolf which give either the tone of the story or the personality of the characters or the relationship between them (two or more characters, not only one) and I will be putting them up here after the 50th update. The one which gets voted as the most popular will be Wolf's cover page until I reach 100 pages! All the others will be put up in the wondrous fanart page I am preparing, in a special way.”

Don't forget that June 25th is the last day to send an entry to Wazaga for her contest, although if someone really needs it she will accept entries up to July 5! I suggest you PQ her if you have questions and stuff!

Hyperactive Comics reaches 100 pages! As the world's villains close in on our ever-shrinking band of heroes, will the bad guys get the upper hand?

On Saturday, rougey's Kaizoku Ninjas will be 25 pages old! Congrats!

Muntron's Not Artist Comics is 50 pages old!

Also 50 pages old is marine's comic, which name I cannot put in a newspost out of my ladylike sense of decorum, although I was tempted to make an off-color joke about it. And with this announcement I have ensured that people who would otherwise be uninterested will click on it!


CL Jackson’s Civil Servitude reached its 75th episode this week AND celebrated its first birthday on June 5th! A BIG thanks to all who enjoy the misadventures at Bluff City City Hall! Remember, it’s YOUR tax dollars hard at work!



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