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The point and click adventure newspost (so get clicking)

skoolmunkee at 2:24AM, June 23, 2007

kingofsnake (a username that always makes me curious, is he king of just ONE snake then?) tells me that sign ups have started for the next round of Comic Remix! What's Comic Remix? Here's a summary:

The idea is that a comic will have a totally different feel when simply drawn by another artist. Each participant is randomly assigned a comic to remix. They are allowed to change absolutely everything, except the writing.
Also kingofsnake's comic Children At Play is 250!

poinko's Lancaster the Ghost Detective is 125 pages old! Also it only seems to have about 10 comments! :[

Now in no particular order…..!

Toshubi's Blade of Toshubi is both 100 pages and 1 year old! There's a special announcement too so go see!

Brock says The SuperFogeys is 25 pages old (and is also starting the last episode in the first chapter)! Super… Fogeys you say?

Hijuda's Victory Theme is 25 strips old! WOO!

Zenstrive's This Repetetiveness is 50 strips old! (Although I suspect the comic is actually named BluDoo and there was a joke there I didn't quite get.)

Megaman EXE by spaceyoshix is 250! (Pages, not years.)

Also at 250 (an admirable number) is America Jr. by Todd Livingston!

joeychips tells me that Silly Daddy is 50 pages old! Congrats!

ncbaddwolf's Drewbot 3000 and a Half is 50 pages old!

Also I'm kinda taking the weekend off so if you send me a PQ and I don't answer, that's why. :)



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