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Okay this time I was just slacking.

skoolmunkee at 10:23AM, June 27, 2007

This just in, everyone needs to Send Black Kitty a PQ to tell her how great she is and how much you love her. No reason! I just think she's great and I'm sure I'm not the only one. (If you don't like her don't bother sending her a PQ to tell her so, that's just rude.)

The call goes out for another community project!
The Adventures of Experiencing Your Perspective is a semi-community comic where people can contribute photos they've taken of their area, places important to them, places a part of their everyday life, etc. The whole idea is to experience what other people see every day, because everyday things can seem very different to other people - hence why Conned draws herself in the pictures! However, she needs pictures. So go send her some! Here's a link to the forum!

anystar (of The The Ice Princess and The Door in the Rockhas an art book for sale, including guest contributors such as wyldflowa (of Rainbow Carousel)! Here's a forum thread about it!

Compliment the Comic Belonging to the Person Above You!!

Say Something Critically Helpful About the Comic Belonging to the Person Above You

Meet the Comic Book Challenge Top 50

Okay guys gonna make this fast!

SoulDriver (featured not long ago) is 25!

Philly (looks lovely) is also 25!

Another 25'er, Pokemon Yellow Comics (which is not-sprited)!

Thompson Gunnersis 25 too! (He's celebrating by eating cotton candy ice cream!)

Dracco forgot to tell me when he had 100 strips, so now he is announcing
Like A Fish In Water's 101st strip! Woo!



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