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More Bits of News!

Black_Kitty at 6:39PM, May 18, 2007

A quick Friday newsposts! Just a reminder to those who haven't seen Skoolmunkee's earlier posts: we're trying to update the news more frequently but keep it shorter at the same time. If you don't see your news here, then look again Monday. :)

But news news news! We all know about Comic Book Challenge but did you know that there are now more prizes to be won? That's right! Even if you don't take home the grand prize, you could still take home something! Take a look at Platinum Dan's post in the Comic Book Challenge thread to find out what I mean!

Hey, are you a fan of Errant Apprentice? If so, you should check out this week's Gigcast! It features garbage gnomes! And after you listen to that, you can listen to the DungBeetle comics interviews from APE!

Two days ago, it was Messed Up's one year birthday! Unfortunately, it celebrated by ending. :(

And speaking of birthdays, Lost Invisible hit its 3rd anniversary 3 days ago!

That's all for news. Come back for more on Monday. :)



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