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Hey guys, today I got some stuff to say!

skoolmunkee at 2:22PM, May 22, 2007

Don't forget old newsposts (there have been more lately, there was one yesterday even!) can be found eitherin the Newspost forum or on the News page!

Black_Kitty is still running her contests! You can win Comixpedia ad space!

Drunk Duck University could use a few more participants! In case you forgot what it's about, it's a comic project run by Commander_Chaos where users are characters in university-setting stories!

dime360 would like everyone to know that his comic The Devils of New York is 25 strips old! MATHEMATICAL! (Rhombus!)

slimredninja says that Morning Squirtz is 100 pages old! (Sorry we announced this kinda late!)

Here's one I've quoted! WOOO!

Hey there! Just wanted you to know that Makhnovista and endlessbouncing are proud to announce that Ba Ba have now uploaded 100 comics!

Over the next few hundred comics, we intend to add plenty more features, included but not limited to colour, animations, humour and artistic talent.



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