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Yo, ho, ho! More milestones galooore!

SpANG at 11:16AM, May 30, 2007

Elanor Pam announces that God of Destruction has reached 75 pages! Congrats!

Triss says that May'le and Mayhem will react its 25th page on Saturday, June 2nd! Yay!

Cheeko just wants you to know that Daisy and Moira and Roy is now 50 comics old this very day! Great job!

Aaaand, check out this awesomesauceness…

Devoid of Life (thriller/horror) the online graphic novel is finished! Yes, it took about two years of spare time to write and draw 127 pages of story and art but finally it is complete and the story has come to its conclusion!

I'm almost in shock… it's like your kids have grown and suddenly left the house.

My main goal now is to promote the book, print up some mock-ups for review and get more Hollywood interest going, of which I have received some already. The fans at DrunkDuck have been great! Their little comments and enthusiasm at the bottom of every page have kept me going, fueling the fire until the finish line.
I really mean that. This is a great site.


And in other news, WOOT-OFF! Yesh!



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