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I'm on BK's bandwagon

skoolmunkee at 11:42AM, Oct. 8, 2007

Since I bumped BK's newspost down a bit, could any members of the DD Book 3 anthology (you know, from 2 years ago) PLEASE send her a PQ (if you have not already done so) to let her know if you still want her thingy in the book? If you don't do it soon, someone else will be given your spot!

Also, please PQ me questions to ask inkmonkey for the next interview! I don't have many yet! There's still a week left! :)

Daphne Descends by fern is 50! (And if you comment on the page, he will make fanart for you! Official thread here!)

Twisted Chronicles by zanaku is 75!

Angelos by GreatScottComix is 25!

Acrobat by literacysuks1 is 100!

Used Books by usedbooks is 300!

Golden Gamers by Aussie_kid is 400 (and has a special surprise)!

Enter the Duck 3 (also by Aussie_kid) is 75!

The Nonstandard Assembly by jmt is 100!

Eternity by Flamen Tenebrarum is 200 (on Wednesday)!

The Pirate Terminators by Hapoppo is 100!

@$$hole! by trevoramueller is 50! (He also sent a synopsis that is too long to quote, but involves the antics of a regular guy having the girl from The Ring as his roomate, and a lot of complications.)



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