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Please don't hit moving cats! They meow and they hiss!

Black_Kitty at 9:43PM, Oct. 23, 2007

Some of you probably hate me by now as I've been sitting on your news for quite a while. All I can say is that I'm terribly sorry and that I'm in the process of moving. So please don't send your assassins or your assassin ninjas or your assassin pirate ninjas as I won't be here to answer the door. :(

Instead you should tell your ninja-assassin-pirates to go sign up for Cowboys and Aliens' contest (which also turned 30 pages! The comic, not the contest~) and Mazoo's Secret Santa! You should also tell them to write your name down as they are awesome contests to join!


Asshole turns 50 pages~ Check it out if you like comics that's full of pop culture references, satire, and the girl from The Ring!

You should also check out Subcultured's Dreams in Synergy for it is awesome and lovely!

If you're wondering what “to be alone” in Tagalog would sound like, it's MAG-ISA! Which is coincidentally the name of Kyupol's comic MAG-ISA! Go wish him a happy 25th page!

Boner and Punkin also zoomed passed its 25th page and there will/is a contest! CONTEST!

25 is a popular number because A Look Into My Mind also hit that 25th milestone!

I'm an English major. I like big words:

"As a shining beacon of mediocrity in a sea of talent, it's hard to imagine that the writers of Ba Ba can maintain such consistent antiquality in terms of art, narrative and advertising. But after 200 comics, we have done just that. We have avoided all the pitfalls that other comics fall into - developing talent, a good storyline or a wacky gimmick.

Sadly, all this has taken its toll - Makhnovista has moved into a share house owned by a rock band, and spends his days partying. Endlessbouncing has received his calling and seeking out a university that allows him to combine laziness and game-playing. Profcorron is forging a sword with which he shall unite the continent. And thus, Ba Ba is going on a very long hiatus. Enjoy the archives."

Seriously folks, I do apologize. I am generally not that terrible with my PQs and such but lately things have been going hectic for me. Moving isn't going to make it better so please pass any news that you may have to SpANG or Ozoneocean for the week.

For those whom I haven't responded to: I'm not intentionally ignoring you and if I missed your news, it was an accident. Please send it to SpANG or Ozone again. :( Sorry.



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