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The news just keeps a comin'

SpANG at 12:11PM, Oct. 28, 2007

Hey, fellow Duckers! As a reminder, skoolmunkee is off for a few weeks and Black Kitty is a little busy with her moving and school. So, please keep sending your news to ozoneocean and me, SpANG, for now. Thanks!

And now, some milestones and other news in the world of Drunk Duck!

jiminycricketX is proud to announce that Milo and John turned 2 years old on October 24th. And as we all know, on the internet, that's nearly an eternity! Congrats!

StewWriter tells us that BONER AND PUNKIN hit its 25th page recently, as a matter of fact it's way over it at this point! Also:

…after the Halloween themes are done, i have a surprise a-brewing. thanks!

PinkDiapers gives us this exciting news:
I'll be starting up my Comic Changing Worlds again, and my other comic The Diaper Bag on Nov, 1st.

Crave The Bullet hit its 150th page on Friday. Awesome job!!

Valid Soul
I'd like to announce that American007 has officially reached 50 pages! Woo!

The Gods of ArrKelaan is plugging a NEW BOOK and launched a brand new store! Yeah, that's a little self-serving probably… Ah, well. Nobody else wanted to post the news today!

SteveMyers22 has started a contest related to his comic, The Adventures of Superchum. It's a wordfind puzzle! He's giving out a free comic to the first 10 correct entries! Here's a link to the page!

kingofsnake told us that sign-ups for the last round of the Comic Remix project have begun! People can sign up on this forum, or check out the previous rounds

GreatScottComix Turned 25 recently but is actually now over 30 pages! How does he do it?
I'm a machine. lol

Pilli Adventure animated series are in production the preview link is in my comments section of my comic. Just click the paco 3d picture and you`ll see it.

Between 2 or three months the first animated short will be posted the little movie is just a test so you can see what you can expect in the future there`s still much work to do in the models characters.



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