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The head bone's connected to the neck bone

skoolmunkee at 12:24PM, Sept. 8, 2007

Last time I made a post about the comic Billy Learns to Rock but the link was wrong :) so here's a post with the right link!

Uncle Doug by makingcomicsstudios is 25 pages strong!

Nerfherder tells me that his comic Geeks the Comic Strip is 50 strips old!

Starship Moonhawk will be having its 100th update on Tuesday the 11th!

The comic Innocent has hit 150 pages! Congrats!

Also at 150 pages is Leo by alexhatzia!

And here's a big ol announcement from phinmagic!

Come join Phineus: Magician for Hire in our celebration of 20 years of Phineus! That's right, Phineus was created in 1987! He didn't find the form we all know and love until 1991, but the character is 20 this year!

Phineus also hits 300 pages on September 11th!

Visit the Phineus sites and relive the old and experience the new as the ever expanding world of Phineus continues!

Phineus Site: (ongoing story)
Spellbook: (Background)
Micellaneous Piffle: (oddities)



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