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Oh boy time for more newsposts!

skoolmunkee at 12:08AM, Sept. 15, 2007

I'm supposed to be doing these more often so they aren't a huge update each time but I can't seem to get the hang of it. :[

Community Stuff!
Hey guys there's some new community things going on, you should check them out!

This one's name speaks for itself: Clowns, Spiders and Ghosts… What Are You Afraid Of?

To Be A Master, Drunkduck Pokemon Event involves everyone's favorite fighting critters (no, not cornered rats)- I'm also told that it isn't dominated by sprites. :)

This thread is an interesting one, maybe you want to post in it? Did you just update? Tell us why someone should visit your comic. (P.S. Read the first post before you add your reply, the thread has a rule!)

JillyFoo's Demon Eater is now available in print at Lulu! (She says it's also starting a new chapter this week.)

Not sure if this is really a contest, but it sounds fun and everyone can join, and there's sort of the reward of getting yourself drawn into a comic. :) bryan of Something Like Life is looking for ‘extras’ to be in a comic scene and would love some photos of DDers to draw! You can find out more in this forum thread.


A couple strips are having their 1-year anniversary: SuperFogeys (also only a couple strips into chapter 3, so a good time to start reading), and Priest_Revan's 2s A Company (he's also posting a special picture for the event)! Oh, and so is Ninja Shizatch!

The following comics have hit the 25-page mark! The first step on the road to comic happiness, or something! Nepath's Energize, mlai's FIGHT 2 (the companion series to FIGHT), and Darwin's A Fickle Fickle World!

Lots of comics have reached 50 pages recently! First there's Irrumator (rated A), Chris and Vernbugg (which Ryan thinks only he reads), and It's Hard Out There For A Gwen by TheMidge28, and Rusty Knight's Thompson Gunners (which is also the ending of chapter 2, and he's posting a special page, and he's having a “fan art dealy”)!

At 75 pages is The Amazing Superteam by bongotezz!

Civil Servitude has just posted its 100th comic!

Congrats to alla'y'all :) Sorry for being a bit slow on this update, I'll try to do better. :(



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