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I'm alive! :O

Black_Kitty at 6:35PM, Sept. 17, 2007

Hello dear duckies~ I am not dead! But don't forget to check out Skoolmunkee's other newspost! I'll try to jump back into the fray to help things out.

This is old news but I recently got interviewed on The Dish. I haven't listened to it but I'm sure I sound like a fool like always. >.>

But speaking of interviews, check out the weekly radio show “The Comic Book Novice.” They apparently interviewed Carly! Again I haven't listened to it but I'm sure she sounds awesome~ For more information, check out this thread right over here!

Don't forget that Platinum Studios is still looking for interns! Head on over to the link to get more information but it's a good opportunity to gain some experience and network if you live in the area!

Hpkomics wants to doodle your characters!

Know of any good webcomics networking sites or have some tips about them? Why not share it here?

This isn't a DD related news but check out The Kid's Book Project! They're currently getting ready to release a webcomic book with all profits made going toward Make-A-Wish Foundation. It's not ready yet but you can certainly pre-order!

And for those of you who are wondering: if you have news and wish to see it on the front page, please send a PQ to an admin. Check out this thread for more details!



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