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Everything you THOUGHT you knew... is wrong! O_O

Ozoneocean at 5:12AM, April 7, 2008

Today's featured comic is Opey the Warhead!

It's Opey's first day at school and he's a little nervous. Not because his dad seems to be a real weirdo who gives bad advice, or because the city he lives in (which he's never seen before) is some sort of manic psudo-future populated with robots and clones… but because he's afraid the other kids won't like him. You actually feel bad for the poor guy as he realizes people are afraid of him because he looks like a bomb. Fun, absurd, sad, and smart- oh and it looks nice too.

Read opey the Warhead


The Faction by PeiPei has reached an amazing 400 pages!

I'm a bit late with this one, but Loud_G's George the Dragon (the fabled comic about a very silly dragon) turned 5 years old last Friday!

Enkida's comic Growth will reach its 100th page on Wednesday! You might say it's grown….. *groan*

“Growth” is a fan comic based on the game “Final Fantasy VII.” It was started in 2005 and is still going strong today, mostly due to the overwhelming support of readers like you. Thanks for making it possible! Stop on by Growth if you haven't yet - daily updates will continue for at least another year. :-)

We have news of a contest! I'm not quite sure what a ‘test’ is, but check it out!
Chaz McRich
This contest is a bit of a gift for my good friend Black Daisy. The art must feature MY version of Black Daisy in some way. The first, second, and third submissions will be featured for two days each on some sort of test. And the rest will be posted in a separate comic or all in one day on some sort of test (I'm not sure which just yet). The last day to turn in a submission is Friday, April 11. The submission can be PQ'ed to me or posted at the below link.

Submissions can be PQed to me or posted at the here!

Drunk Duck Creator Interviews Extravaganza continues! (If you dunno what that is, click here

Today's interview is of jgib99 of How Unfortunate, conducted by crifmer of Posted!
Why How Unfortunate? I'm interested in the ideas and inspiration that led to this comic in particular.

How Unfortunate is actually a combination of a few comic ideas I had. The two main ideas were from stories based on the (mis)adventures of two unlucky detectives running into unusual cases. And the second was a Dirty Dozen-styled story with super powered criminals who have to help catch criminals to avoid spending the rest of their lives in prison. The two ideas eventually got mixed together. Its worked out pretty good so far.
Read the rest of the interview in its thread in the Interviews forum!



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