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In this newspost we got some community stuff going on!

skoolmunkee at 3:50AM, April 9, 2008

First of all though, I want to say sorry there's not a featured comic today. I approved it on time and everything but uh… maybe the script doesn't run on Wednesdays for some reason? Anyway :[ I can't do anything about it so I'll just have to wait til it shows up on the front page…

First up, the Comic Review forum is moving really slowly and could use a bit of a boost! The rules are simple, you can get your comic reviewed by doing at least 2 reviews of other comics. Sounds like a great opportunity, everyone likes getting reviews and it's a great way to find new comics! Stop on by, will you?

Quack with the Ducks, a community project being run by lucky7s76, is all about interviewing others and being interviewed in turn! Signups are limited so you might want to hurry. :)

Musica is another new community project wherein users can post illustrations of their favorite songs! Participation details found here!

Button Bashers by flapjack1995 will reach its 50th page on Friday!

Cooltendo's wonderful and amazing Nintendo Super Squad has reached 100 pages! I highly reccommend!

Wakon Yosai by warpedwenger is about to reach 200 pages! Congrats!

trevoramueller's @$$hole! reaches 100 pages today! Did you know that "The current storyline places Trevor and Susie in the mall shopping for a 21st birthday gift for Trevor's girlfriend Laura. The two have already caused all kinds of trouble, and are currently ruining the inside of the local book store. Wednesday's milestone page will feature cameo appearances from , Lack of Ethics, Little Terrors, Energize, and The Temple of a Thousand Tears!"



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