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Hey guys I just got a food processor now I can CHOP STUFF chop chop chop

skoolmunkee at 8:43AM, April 28, 2008

Well well, what have we here? I do believe it's more interviews from the Quack With the Ducks project! You really should be reading these, you know- they can all be found in the Interviews forum! They are all pretty awesome so far! (New ones over the weekend: kiandranishan interviews AQua_ng, spiritmonkey interviews n_y_japlander, patrickdevine interviews Steely Gaze, and Iba interviews kiandranishan!)

It hasn't gotten as much attention here on DD this year, but Small Press Idol is going on and we have a DDer who has made it to Round 2! Nibbi could use your support with The Stupendous Adventures of Spud!

Hey dudes and dudettes, if you missed participating in Off Hours the first time around, now is your chance to get a little piece of the action!
More info here!

scruffykitty has a contest going on which ends May 1st, maybe you should enter before it's too late, HMMMMMM? Bunch of procrastinators, all of you!

Iba's Last Words will be 150 comics old on the 30th (that's Wednesday). That's an awful lot of ‘last words’ mister, I'd hate to be waiting by your deathbed. T_T

ninja3 tells me that The Cat and Mouse Game has reached its 25th comic! It's pretty, go look at it!

Also reaching 25 pages is Serai by ReincarnatedParano (which I constantly misread as Reincarnated Potato)!

Electronic Revolutions: The Burnhams by simonitro is about to reach its 100th page mark! Added to that, after the current issue, he'll be taking a short hiatus from The Burnhams and Billy Learns to Rock but will have some promos of his upcoming comic ‘Gunslinger Witch’!

Jimeth would like to say that Epic Adventures has reached 200 pages “finally”! And that the second 100 is way harder than the first, apparently. :)

JustNoPoint DOES in fact have a point, and it's this: The Devon Legacy reaches 200 pages on Tuesday! also, “Just around… um… around 60 more pages left of Prologue remaining! @_@ But the action is about to get INTENSE!!!”

@_@ ¬_¬ ^_^ +_+ ‘_’ *_*



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