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If you don't like a forum thread....

skoolmunkee at 12:29PM, Aug. 20, 2008

… then just leave it alone, okay? There's been an increase in this lately and it makes the forum look like a negative place. If there's a thread in the forums that you think is silly, stupid, etc, don't go in to the thread and make a reply complaining about its existence. You're only prolonging the life of the thread, which would otherwise naturally drop down the list by getting no replies (so you're not even helping your own cause). You're also cluttering up a thread that other users may be enjoying and making valid replies to.

Different people want different things out of the forums, and just because you think a thread is worthless doesn't mean that everyone else does too. No one really cares whether you think the thread is dumb or not, so why are you bothering to make a post telling everyone? So you can try and make someone else feel bad? If a thread does happen to be completely idiotic, or in the wrong place, the mods will take care of it.

Also, don't make a parallel thread mocking the ‘stupid’ thread (I guarantee you that your thread will be even more stupid). It's still a negative sentiment and it's main purpose is to deride the forum activity of others. That kind of stuff was fine in the Top Drawer, but that forum doesn't exist anymore.



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