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Don't worry, I didn't eat your cookies~

Black_Kitty at 10:11PM, Jan. 18, 2008

I ate Terminal's! <3

There is actually quite a bit of news so what I'm going to do is split them into two newsposts. This is part one and part two will come in the afternoon~

Milestones galoore!

Breaking the Ice recently reached its 30th page!

(25 is a very popular number. :D)

Telenime, Void If Removed, Nina, Ninja Wedding, and GIRL JESUS all reached their 25th milestone! Well…actually some of them passed it already. But if you could please travel back in time, that would be totally awesome~ Thanks!

Guess who reached their 50th milestone~? Hero Force did that's who!

Used Books has reached the four-oh-oh~

Here's a really neat piece of milestone news:

The 1993 Xeric award winning comic Grey Legacy now has 25 pages posted on Drunk Duck. I thought since no one has seen this stuff in 15 years this was a good place to post it. The real news is Drunk Duck has motivated us to do new work as well. If all goes well there will be all new, never seen before pages of Grey Legacy in the future.

Congrats to everyone! May you all have many more days of comicking. :) More news coming this afternoon.



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