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It's almost Friday where I live

skoolmunkee at 2:47PM, July 3, 2008

I'll just take a quick opportunity here to remind folks that although we are a friendly community, there are still predatory people out there on the internet who are looking to take advantage of others - especially on websites friendly to young people! (And especially on websites like DD, where people like to receive validation of their creative efforts.)

As we have so many younger folks on the site (and by younger I mean kids to teens to young adults) I think it's appropriate to remind folks NOT to give out personal information unless you are totally comfortable and feel safe… do NOT agree to anything you aren't comfortable with (even statements, opinions, or suggestions)… if someone violates your privacy, seems to be stalking you, or continues with behaviors you've asked them to stop because they make you uncomfortable - they are not on your side! If you find another user even a little suspicious and predatory, please let the admins know for safety's sake! This all applies to females AND males… Think of it this way - if you have friends online that you would rather keep secret from in-person friends and family, why is that? Are you really convinced they are safe for you?


Majin Kedamoki tells me that his comic The Final Zone will reach 100 pages on Saturday! Congratulations, that's a ton of work! :) If you like Naruto you might want to check it out!

Warriors of the Night by Aussie_kid has reached 150 pages as of Monday! Sounds like an intense comic… I bet there is stabbing!

Hitting 50 pages is Bomb Shrapnel by Evil_Snuffkin! You should check it out, it's pretty. :)

Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer reaches 125 pages this Sunday! Walrus is a workhorse, always new comics being updated!



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