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The News will Rise Again

skoolmunkee at 1:08AM, July 10, 2008

Today's featured comic is The Emerald City!
You never knew Seattle was so… colorful. Or dangerous. In The Emerald City, the men are muscled and the women wear microskirts, the bad guys are monstrous psychos with cool hair, and people die left and right in some pretty gruesome ways. It's not all random violence (though some is, like at the wings joint…), this is all connected to events 11 years ago.


The Imaginary Illustrations of Mister Cheatham by chee2424 has reached 25 pages! Although if there are pages, are the illustrations imaginary anymore? Hmm…

DJAB has a double announcement! His excellent comic Shades has reached 125 pages as of today, and he has had a very positive review about Shades posted on Ain't It Cool News Comic Reviews! (You know the site by that Harry Knowles guy.) As for the comic, it's in the middle of a fantasy sequence, so if you're tired of boring old realism go check out the mystical demon fangs with big pointy teeth (unless you are Indiana Jones maybe).



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