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skoolmunkee at 2:28AM, July 24, 2008

Thursday's featured comic is Better Luck Next Time!
Meet Teddy Atwater, a kid who only did enough to scrape by… until a sports injury meant he couldn't even manage that. Now he has to repeat the sixth grade, which is no easy task when you have the friends that Teddy has. Although the art style is simple, it's appealing, the characters are really distinct and enjoyable, and there is lots of background and supporting information for those who like a little more meat to their comics.


MAG-ISA by kyupol now has 150 pages!

Also reaching 150 pages is Bittenbymonk's The Uncanny Uper Dave!

BlkKnight tells me that Crossing Death will reach 75 pages on Friday! (And also turned 6 months old on Monday!)


Hey guys, The 602 is having a contest for their upcoming 2-year anniversary!

From now ‘til Sept 26, I’ll be picking a winner each week to win some free art,and each winner will get to pick whatever they want for me to draw! Visit the comic's site to find out how to enter!

Looks like the Drunk Duck Awards are starting up again for 2008- this time we've got amanda from Salt the Holly at the helm! There's a new thread with some of the details, so if you are interested in having a say or helping out, swing on by the DD Awards forum!



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