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How did it get to be 11am already?

skoolmunkee at 2:59AM, June 23, 2008

Monday's featured comic is Nothing Really Serious!
Why is it so hard for people in love to just love each other? Making decisions based on their perception of the other's best interests, or ignoring the one better for you because you like the other better, or not taking someone seriously… It's all a bit of a mess really. Nothing Really Serious is a comic about the frustrations of love when the participants aren't on the same page. Lovely art too!

Over the weekend, I updated the Big List of Bugs, the Big List of Suggestions, and the Big Community Projects Thread. Just FYI. (Protip: Loads of community projects going on!)


So you think you're funny? Think you could write a script for 2 aliens, disguised as dogs, here to study human life? Swing by Zorphbert and Fred for the latest “Put Words in Their Mouths” contest! You could win a cameo! Starts Monday, winner is announced Wednesday!
Returning comic!

As of today, Clench and Cheese has returned after 8+ months of being away! Anyone who missed it, it's back! Normally we don't post this kind of announcement, but carrollhach bribed me with gold and precious jewels. (so nobody else ask)


Hyperactive Comics will reach 200 pages on Wednesday!

reaching 50 pages is diana_m's Death by Spikes!

freakenburger has two announcements- firstly, that Telenime has reached 50 pages - and next week, Freakenburg hits 25! Double congrats!

Another twofer, this time from Dumok- Monster Lover has reached 100 pages, and Shadow Root has passed 25! (Both A rated, so wait til you get home from work!)

The lovely Morphic from Frostflowers has reached 100 pages!

Congrats to all you milestone folks, they are big achievements!



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