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Thursday already? Where did my week go?

skoolmunkee at 1:26AM, June 26, 2008

Thursday's featured comic is How Unfortunate!

Inept police, inept villains… is anyone in How Unfortunate capable of doing their jobs? Let's hope not, because things are pretty funny the way they are. Part cop movie, part Powers, part Naked Gun- read about what happens when a team of strangely powered (and poorly named) baddies goes up against a couple of reluctant cops and their also-reluctant ex-baddie super-powered partners. (Sounds complicated, but it's not!)

Lots of milestones today!

In order of receipt!

Only Half: Faith and Salvation turns 100 pages on 26 June! It has been a YEAR since I started this chapter, (I was in surgery on 6 June and the next day started the new schedule and the new chapter - strange how that came together!) And once again with the 100th page comes a switch in chapters! Starting 26 June we start into “Common Foes.” Cabal gets a lot more than he bargained for in resuming his father's trail. Sure he catches up with Renate in the town of Targus, but so does the vampire brood and Victor Sierra all at the same time. Join the mayhem!

Neilak20's Soapbox Hill has reached 175 pages! For the curious, it has also resumed its regular Monday updates!

ifelldownthestairs tells me that I Fell Down the Stairs will be 300 comics old on Friday! Congrats! (Although no congrats are in order for falling down stairs)

Azaeziel's Karen the Marilith has reached its 125th page milestone! That page also marks the beginning of the 4th chapter, after an unexpectedly long Chapter 3 :) (Nothing wrong with long chapters, I say!)

Tank Buddies Forever (sounds fun!) by Vakanai (who is a pretty great guy) will hit 25 pages on Friday!



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